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Lesson #4: Don’t take anything or anyone for granted and don’t leave anything left unsaid


We often live as if things will always be the same. As if our own little personal world will always exist. That no one will die or walk away. That we won’t lose anything or anyone that’s of importance to us.

However, there is always the risk of losing something tomorrow. Maybe it’s financial security or a friendship. Maybe it’s your opportunity for education. Those things are not guaranteed. Yet, people walk around as if they are.

I want to focus on people. The fact that no one is guaranteed to stay in your life. No one. Even if you come from a loving family and you know they will always be there for you, you still have no idea what the future may bring. Even if they never choose to leave, life happens, regardless.  The same goes for friends. It is rare to find lifetime friends. Even if you think you have, you still have no idea what could happen.

Yet, people walk around not caring how they treat each other. They blow people off. They treat people like options. They don’t put in effort to communicate. They stay angry long term because they know the other person will stick around. They just completely take people for granted.

Sometimes all it takes is a wakeup call. Someone threatens to walk away, so you snap back to reality. It’s not always that easy, though. Sometimes you lose them for good. I walked away from a friendship in high school that once meant the world to me because it was obvious I was being taken for granted.

Sometimes life just doesn’t give you the chance to try again.

What if you wake up tomorrow and that best friend you once had no longer cares because you made them feel like an option? What if you woke up tomorrow and a family member has passed away before you got the chance to make up after a fight? What if you don’t get a change to say “I’m sorry”? What if you don’t get a chance to say “I love you”? Don’t leave anything left unsaid.