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Lesson #3: Naps are a great thing



As a child, most of us hated takings naps. If our mother or teacher told us to take a nap, we reluctantly lied down, and many of us never actually went to sleep. We were too entertained with the world around us.

 As we grew older we got less and less sleep, and our childhood energy abandoned us with teenage energy (granted, this is still more energy than we will have twenty or more years down the road). Add on the stress of high school and we are left tired pretty much all of the time. It is then that we realize a nap sounds really good.

If only we could take back all those naps we took for granted as a child. If only we could have naptime like we did in Kindergarten.

However, then we get to college, which is a totally different experience from high school. We don’t have class straight from 8 to 3 and then hours of homework. Of course, we still have several hours of class and homework, but it is spread out more, and we can finally take those things called naps that we wanted in high school. Each day becomes an attempt to balance of class, homework, social life, and napping. It doesn’t make up for the naps we missed as a kid, but at least it’s something.

Of course there is research that says napping for too long or at the wrong times can end up hindering your sleep at night, but in general, I think most people can agree that naps are indeed a great thing.